When bugs or wildlife leave their habitat and make their home in your home, there are a number of dangers that come with them.

  • The most obvious is when a pest poses a direct threat, like from a bite or sting. There are many insects that carry venom in their bodies. For some an ant bite can leave a tiny welt, for others it means a trip to the hospital. Wasps, bees and hornets can swarm and leave multiple stings that for some can be deadly. Wildlife that wanders onto your property can pose a rabies risk to you, your kids, and your pets.
  • Animals also bring other pests with them, on their fur. If you have a family of raccoons in your home, they can spread lice and mites to your family. If wildlife passes through your yard, they spread fleas and ticks to pets.
  • Bugs and insects expose themselves to harmful bacteria and bring it into your home. The ants you see crawling across your floor could have been feeding on a dead bird in your yard a few minutes earlier. The cockroach you found in your silverware drawer could have been in a nearby sewage pipe.

The solution to the dangers that pests pose is not to replace those dangers with another. Spraying a house or yard with harmful chemicals is not the answer. Aztec Organic Pest Service relies on organic pest control solutions to make homes pest free. We always make sure kids and pets are never in danger.