We now treat yards for mosquitoes!  We use Mosquito Barrier and it is 99.3% garlic juice.  We treat as frequently every 3 weeks, however so far we have not had to retreat after 3 weeks, as the mosquitoes were still at bay!  It actually works mechanically by clogging up the “snorkel” of the mosquito larvae, suffocating it.  Thus mosquitoes will not become resistant to it.  It also repels fleas, ticks and chiggers.  It only targets mosquitoes and definitely does not kill butterflies, fish, bees or other beneficials as long as we don’t spray the product directly on them.  We have success with this and believe it to be immeasurably better than spraying super toxic chemicals, which create mosquitoes resistant to chemicals, leading to even more drastic measures.  Below are pictures of two common mosquitoes, the bottom being the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which is a particularly virulent mosquito that will predominate over the Culex mosquito.
mosquito regular                                                                                                                Culex Mosquito

asian tiger mosquito
Asian Tiger Mosquito