If you suspect you have bed bugs you can make a bed bug trap using dry ice.  You can find information on this here. Upon detection all bedding should be washed, the mattress and box spring should be vacuumed thoroughly and covered in bed bug safe covers. Head board and bed frames can be treated with low toxicity products such as EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol. When used according to the label’s instructions they can be very effective and very low in toxicity. At this point a barrier needs to be created from the floor to the bed posts. Products such as ClimbUp can be placed under the feet of the bed to stop access. The bed should also be moved away from walls and bedding should not be allowed to touch the floor. At this point the bed should be protected and the products listed above can be used on other furniture in the room as well as floors/baseboards. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth can be used sparingly as well, especially in carpet. You can find a very detailed write up from the Texas A&M Extension office here  and here.