1. Protecting Bees | Aztec Organic Pest Service

    Many of our customers share our concern for the environment, particularly pollinators like butterflies, honeybees and Texas native bees. Honeybees are actually not native to Texas, but native bees are just as vital to the ecosystem. These pollinate a large assortment and quantity of plants, even at a greater efficiency than honeybees. So all of these are important insects that need attention. But …Read More

  2. Treating Honey Bees in Austin

    We often get calls about bees, particularly in the warm summer months. While some situations require intervention, we typically try to discourage a service call just for bees, and even some types of wasps, unless there is a significant safety concern (most bees and flying insects are not aggressive and won't attack unless provoked). One recent customer had a nest being built under an outdoor patio…Read More