The biggest part of fulfilling the American dream is purchasing your own home. Once you have done this, the next step is protecting it. The pride and satisfaction of owning your dream home is something that can only be experienced rather than described in words. However, there are a few things that can interrupt that happy experience and wood destroying insects are at the top of that list. Termites are usually the first wood destroying insect that comes to mind followed by carpenter ants and carpenter bees. While all three pose a threat to the home, the invasion, the attack, and the severity of damage differs. Accurate identification is monumental in selecting the method of organic pest control that should be used.

While carpenter bees may stand alone with being easily identified, termites and carpenter ants are often mixed up and not properly diagnosed. However, there are a few traits of each that will make for accurate recognition.


  • Rectangular shaped body with no waistline
  • Straight, beaded antennae
  • Equipped with four wings of equal shape and size that are longer than its body

Carpenter Ant

  • Has a narrow, very defined and obvious waist
  • The antennae of the carpenter ant are bent in an elbow shape
  • The two front wings are noticeably longer than the hind wings

The risk of damage is too great to rely on DIY techniques. Fortunately we have designed programs to eliminate these three wood destroying pests and give you peace of mind by keeping your home pest free throughout the year.