Ants are so irritating. It seems they only show up when they want something. They don’t want to be your friend, they just want to hang out until they get what they want. We have put together this helpful guide to breaking off the relationship with ants.

Step 1: Stop inviting them to dinner

  • Clean up crumbs; crumbs in bed, crumbs in the couch, crumbs around the toaster, crumbs everywhere. If you keep laying out crumbs, ants are going to get the wrong idea.
  • Seal the trash. If your trash can is open, you might as well say “How about a romantic dinner for a thousand?” Ants love trash. They aren’t as picky of an eater as you are.
  • Hard plastic containers. If your food is in paper or cardboard you are just asking for ants to go through your cabinets. Use sealable containers to keep smells and ants out.

Step 2: Stop asking them to come in

  • Make sure your doors are seal shut because if they can crawl in they will.
  • Inspect your weather stripping. Sometimes it doesn’t seal properly. Look closely and make sure everything is up to par. Remember, ants can climb walls.
  • If you have rotted holes, use a caulking gun to fill them in. It isn’t the most attractive option, but do you really want ants coming by the hundreds?
  • Examine your window frames and get out the caulking gun again. Window frames are a common entry point.

If you want to them out and keep them out, contact the professionals here at Aztec.We would love to help you break off the one way friendship that you have with ants with our organic pest control services.