1. Crickets Around Austin

    Late summer and fall are common times for crickets to become a problem around homes in Austin. Usually these are field crickets though we have seen the larger camel crickets also. While these are outdoor insects and only come inside "accidentally," the large numbers this time of year can make that a big problem. The good news is that field crickets do not breed indoors or establish indoor populati…Read More

  2. Crickets Inside Your Home

    Crickets can become quite a nuisance especially as temperatures change or when food and water become sparse. They may come inside your home to escape or find something to eat or drink. The best treatment is prevention. Here are some tips you can follow to stop crickets early: Crickets and insects in general are attracted to lights. Change outdoor lighting to amber "bug lights" or install a motion-…Read More


    This is the time of year that a plague of field crickets descend upon us and appear around structures and sometimes inside. While they are a nuisance, they do not breed or infest indoors. The worst outbreaks are usually around businesses. The reason for this is that the crickets are attracted to light. Most commercial properties keep lights on all night which attracts them by the hundreds. Reducin…Read More