1. More About German Roaches

    German roach activity around Austin has seen an uptick lately. Here is some more information about these pests: Unlike American roaches (aka tree roaches, waterbugs, palmetto bugs, "big roaches) the German roach doesn't live outside and wander in. It's an indoor roach and is most often found in multi-resident communities like apartments, duplexes, quads, etc. They can get into voids and wall space…Read More

  2. Do-It-Yourself German Roach Treatment

    1. Buy 99% orthoboric acid, 1% drying agent from Home Depot...called Hot Shot. 2. Buy a hand duster from Callahan's (rubber and steel about 6 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter with a long nozzle....or just use the bottle it comes in...Shake and puff. 3. Put fine line of boric acid powder in back and sides of all cabinets and drawers, voids, around and under appliances, etc. 4. When treating Ger…Read More