1. Fleas On Your Porch and Windows?

    If you see tiny "jumping" bugs on your porch and around your windows, don't panic and think you have a flea invasion! In late fall the culprit is more likely to be hackberry gall psyllids. These tiny pests come from nearby hackberry trees and will congregate on home siding and window screens. Here's a more in-depth article we wrote about them. The bottom line is that these are likely not fleas and…Read More

  2. Hackberry Gall Psyllids

    Are you seeing a large number of small "jumping" insects gathering on your siding, windows or front doors? If you have hackberry trees in your yard or Austin neighborhood these are likely "hackberry psyllids." They resemble miniature cicadas and are particularly abundant in late summer and fall, especially on warm days. The insects are attracted to lights at night and, at about 3/16" long, are sma…Read More