1. Mosquito Update – Control Options!

    We came across this article from a few years ago which has relevant tips and great advice on how to control mosquitoes! While it's been a bit hotter and sunnier now, the recent rains could mean another burst of mosquito activity around Austin. The solution isn't to cover your yard in dangerous sprays that can drift all over and hurt other, helpful insects but to instead control the source. This in…Read More

  2. BTI for Mosquito Control

    Mosquitoes seem to be particularly bad this year but there are products you can put in your yard that really work! BTI is an excellent, safe example. BTI is an abbreviation for Bacillus Thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis. It's a natural bacterium found in the soil and has toxins that only target mosquito larvae (as well as blackfly and fungus gnat). BTI has no toxicity to people and is even appr…Read More