1. Mosquitoes-A Tough Problem to Deal With

    You've probably heard most of these tips before and it can be very frustrating when you practice them and still have issues with mosquitos. The reason you keep hearing them is because there's really not an easy or complete solution. Try to stay indoors as much as possible between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. However, in the last decade we've developed a problem with the Asian Tig…Read More

  2. Mosquito Control

    Everyone get tired of mosquitoes following them around in the yard!   The Asian tiger and Culex mosquito are the two most common mosquitoes found in Texas. The Asian Tiger mosquito is more of a bother because it bites throughout the entire day. We have several solutions to reduce mosquitoes on a different blog, so please check that out. We offer a very safe mosquito service.  It is our opinion …Read More


    Mosquitoes are a bane to Austinites existence!!  We like to give recommendations rather than treat, as unless you are having a party and we can treat on that day, it is pretty much a never ending task  However, we have quite a few recommendations that help control those pesky pests. Mosquito Barrier (not Garlic Barrier – it is quite a bit weaker) helps for a while. It repels and kills mosqui…Read More