1. Can You Scorpion Proof a House?

    Scorpions in certain areas of Austin are a concern for people. In particular scorpions show up in houses in the rockier hill country areas southwest and west of Austin in higher numbers than central, north or east Austin. One reason is the terrain — scorpions like to hide in rocky, craggy areas — but also because there is development in those areas and construction noises and activity can caus…Read More

  2. Pest Proofing Your Home for Summer

    Just like people, bugs like to come out to play every spring and summer. The only problem is when they come IN to play in your house too! There are a few steps you can take to help keep pests out, which will reduce your need for pest control services. Even without these steps though, you don't need pest control treatment every month, two months or even three months! A thorough, professional pest c…Read More

  3. Scorpions

    Scorpions typically stay outside where they hunt for insects and food, but they can get riled up by the weather or predators and head indoors for protection. If it's simply too cold, too hot or even raining a lot they may look for a better place to lay low. Unfortunately, that better place can be your house. Even more unfortunately, they can really lay low — meaning for months at a time they wil…Read More