1. Crazy Ants

    The crazy ant is originally from South America, but it has made itself at home here in the United States, particularly in Texas and Southeast U.S. The ants are known for taking over areas and are so aggressive that they can displace all manner of local insects and animals. Even the aggressive fire ant can be pushed out. Great, you may say ... except that they don't stop there. Crazy ants can move …Read More

  2. Tiny Black Ants

    Small black ants can show up in many places during warm summer months (like nearly all ants), but they can be particularly annoying if they get inside, since you may not notice them until it seems they've "taken over" an area, like a kitchen sink or counter. If you are seeing these little black ants, there are a few things you can do: Clean up counters and floors especially any sweet/fruity/sticky…Read More

  3. Little Black Ants

    Little black ants are showing up in several Austin houses even though it's a bit late in the season typically for them. The warmer weather in September may have something to do with it! Typically these ants are not a major problem but they can definitely be a nuisance. Customers often tell us how if they leave the tiniest scrap of food on the counter or by the kitchen sink, these tiny black ants a…Read More