1. Carpenter Ants, Acrobat Ants

    Carpenter ants and acrobat ants are types of "wood ant" that often climb up along the outside of a home into the eaves area to make little nests in the walls. They burrow in and sometimes you can even see the debris that they excavate and drop. It looks like sawdust or light shavings. The good news is they don't eat wood like termites, but they can become a nuisance and do some damage to wood stru…Read More

  2. Light Strings and Ants – Highway to the Danger Zone?

    Light strings are pretty, popular and a perfect way to get wood ants onto your home! Wood ants include carpenter and acrobat ants. These are larger than sugar or fire ants, and have nests in trees, stumps, logs, rotting wood and other wood that is higher moisture and softer. Unlike fire ants they typically crawl high up on surfaces. This can include your home! Basically they will move from those o…Read More