1. Paper Wasps in Winter

    Wasps and yellow jackets in Austin have been active much later in the season than usual. Typically as the weather cools the queen wasp will overwinter in a protected area, and the remaining colony perishes. This year, perhaps due to a warmer September and October, we have seen many calls for wasps and yellow jackets even into early December. The good news is the recent cold snap may be enough to g…Read More

  2. What To Do About Wasps!

    There are a variety of wasps around Texas, with many of these also found in Austin. While they can look intimidating, most wasps are actually harmless to people unless threatened, and they help control the pest population as predators of numerous other insects. For that reason it is not necessary to treat every wasp or nest you see around your home. However, having wasps near an entrance or where …Read More