I highly recommend Aztec Organic Pest Services

After researching pest control on Yelp last year, I called Aztec and they were willing to work with me and very understanding (without even the slightest hint of eye-rolling I received from another company) about areas I did not want sprayed – I need the spiders and ladybugs around my roses and I do not want my bedroom sprayed (even if it is “organic”). They also offer tons of helpful advice on preventing unwanted critters from entering your home.

I had Aztec treat my home and yard in April 2011 (before we moved into our home), and did not begin to see little spiders in my home again until May 2012. When Aztec returned this year, I received the same courteous and respectful service as the first time – both on the phone and at my home. I had seen a scorpion the previous week, but declined treatment since it was only one. I called them back out to treat the attics after seeing a few more. Aztec was very accommodating and fit me into the schedule immediately.

I highly recommend Aztec Organic Pest Services. My experience with Aztec has been that, consistently, they are professional and provide a reliable service.

Annette B. - Austin, TX