generalThe German roach is most commonly found in multiple-family dwellings. The reason for this is that if every unit is not treated, they will multiply after they are exterminated from the unit being treated. They prefer food preparation areas, kitchens, and bathrooms because they favor warm humid areas that are close to food and water. German roaches do not enter the home from the outside but are brought in from places with an infestation. They are light brown with two dark stripes behind their head. We typically use a boric acid based bait and boric acid powder to deal with them. There are some occasions where we will ask you to remove items from cabinets and drawers so that we have access to the back portions. Since they reproduce rapidly it can be hard to get full control without treating the entire structure.

Keeping one’s house uncluttered and clean makes it simple to exterminate them with boric acid products. This is the only real reason they would persist after a thorough treatment.