• We specialize in long-lasting treatments using organic pest control products in a way that effectively kills bugs with no impact on people.
  • No contracts are needed.  We treat more than once a year about as often as we skip years between treatments.
  • We don’t employ salespeople (aka inspectors) and we give instant bids over the phone for most services.
  • Our precise application controls target pests with minimal impact on beneficials, keeping a harmonious balance in your yard.
  • Our technicians have been with us on the average of 17 years – they are intelligent, well-paid and take responsibility for their jobs.
  • We are locally owned with the same management since 1983 – Austin’s first environmentally ethical pest service.
  • Totally organic service is available.
  • Most pest control services include at least 1 free return within 3 months, if necessary.
  • The residents and pets may be present during the service.
  • We don’t use scare tactics, as there are no really dangerous scenarios in pest control; any problem can be easily managed.
  • We don’t employ useless expensive techniques, such as termite baiting (termites naturally eat wood in nature, but that doesn’t mean they are eating your house).
  • We tell the truth, giving you honest assessments of what to treat, when to treat, and what you can do yourself.

We started Aztec Organic Pest Service in 1981 when my aunt told us about a boric acid roach product that worked great, had no odor, and was less toxic than table salt. We sold the product at first and then started our own pest control company. Gradually we expanded but we still hold true to our original intention to provide excellent customer service while preserving health and the environment.

Our philosophy is to provide the most effective pest control services available having the least negative impact on people and the environment.

We use a combination of the least toxic and most effective products available. We have found that working “with” nature is much more effective than using toxic chemicals. For more specific information about products, see our Products page.