1. Rat Extermination in Austin

    There are two primary methods to handle rats: extermination or trapping. We use the extermination method because it is faster, more cost-efficient and more reliable in helping homeowners get rid of their rat or mouse problem. Ours is a two-part process: Our technician arrives on site and we inspect and place bait as needed. Our technician also does a house inspection to find any areas 1/4 inch or …Read More

  2. Austin Rodent Issues

    As temperatures cool down most pests become less active and troublesome. Ants, roaches and even spiders are more dormant and not seen as much during late fall and winter months. Rats and mice are actually less active in the winter as well, but the colder temperatures can drive them inside for warmth or snooping around your home for food sources. As a result, we see a lot more calls for rats and mi…Read More