1. Is Year Round Pest Control Necessary?

    When new customers call for a pest control quote, they often ask us how much it is to "set up ongoing treatment." To their surprise we tell them we don't require contracts or even recommend bi-monthly or quarterly treatments. That they ask this it just goes to show how many other pest control companies market treatment as being "necessary" all year long. But is it really the case? Most insects, an…Read More

  2. Roach Infestations

    People can be concerned with roaches "infesting" their home but the good news is that very few roaches do that. German roaches are one of the few roaches in the Austin area that will really "take over" a home if they are left untreated. They are seen most often in kitchens but can spread all over the house if they get really bad. Usually customers will see these scurrying late at night or early mo…Read More

  3. Pest Proofing Your Home for Summer

    Just like people, bugs like to come out to play every spring and summer. The only problem is when they come IN to play in your house too! There are a few steps you can take to help keep pests out, which will reduce your need for pest control services. Even without these steps though, you don't need pest control treatment every month, two months or even three months! A thorough, professional pest c…Read More