People can be concerned with roaches “infesting” their home but the good news is that very few roaches do that.

German roaches are one of the few roaches in the Austin area that will really “take over” a home if they are left untreated. They are seen most often in kitchens but can spread all over the house if they get really bad. Usually customers will see these scurrying late at night or early morning in the kitchen. They like to hide in cabinets, dishwashers and around sinks in particular.

They don’t get very large, no bigger than 3/4 of an inch or so. But they can multiply quickly if not handled. Then you may seen dozens of little ones throughout the kitchen.

They get inside by being brought in on food packages or food crates, attached to used appliances or just by traveling between walls in multi-family residences like apartments or duplexes. They don’t live outside like other types of roaches.

They are difficult but not impossible to treat. Since we do not use heavy chemicals in handling German roaches, they don’t build up an immunity or tolerance to our treatments like they can with other pest control products.

What are called American roaches, tree roaches or palmetto bugs are the large outdoor roaches that are seen inside especially during hot summer months. These are scavengers that live and breed outside but will come in randomly looking for food or water. They can multiply but not to the extent of German roaches. If you have water leaks inside near pipes or another source of food or water they can stick around. A general pest control service treating around the perimeter of the home and cracks and gaps inside will take care of them.

Regardless of the roach issues, you don’t need non-stop pest control treatments all year. Many pest control companies push quarterly, bi-monthly or even monthly treatments which are all unnecessary, especially if your pest control company does a thorough job the first time.

Our general and German roach treatments both come with a return policy if the issue isn’t handled, so rest assured we’ll take care of the problem.

Most of our customers in fact call us just once a year!

For roach treatment questions or an appointment, call us at 512-443-0123 or fill out the online pest quote form.