1. Pest Control Prevention Tips

    The most natural way to help control pests is of course prevention! But even prevention isn't foolproof. Pests still exist out there and can make their way in. But if you combine common sense pest prevention tips with an occasional pest control service, you will see far fewer bugs, even in Austin where bugs thrive! There are three areas to focus on when looking at preventing pests coming in to you…Read More

  2. Pest Proofing Your Home for Summer

    Just like people, bugs like to come out to play every spring and summer. The only problem is when they come IN to play in your house too! There are a few steps you can take to help keep pests out, which will reduce your need for pest control services. Even without these steps though, you don't need pest control treatment every month, two months or even three months! A thorough, professional pest c…Read More

  3. How To Get Rid of Pests In Your Apartment or Duplex

    Apartments, duplexes and other multifamily residences offer unique challenges in getting thorough pest control. The obvious first issue is that treating just one of the properties facing a pest problem won't necessarily fully handle it. For example, German roaches are a tougher type of roach to exterminate because they can move between units or throughout a duplex easily. So an apartment resident …Read More

  4. 6 Pest Prevention Tips For Your Home

    There are pest control solutions that are 100% safe 100% of the time because they are preventive measures. Ooooh, fun. Prevention! Ok, so prevention is rarely a popular or exciting topic in most industries. A video of someone safely driving an 18-wheeler will probably get less views and attention than a pulse-pounding scene of a truck driver desperately trying to keep a big rig under control as it…Read More