The most natural way to help control pests is of course prevention!

But even prevention isn’t foolproof. Pests still exist out there and can make their way in. But if you combine common sense pest prevention tips with an occasional pest control service, you will see far fewer bugs, even in Austin where bugs thrive!

There are three areas to focus on when looking at preventing pests coming in to your house—food, water and access points.


  • Seal up food containers. Even better than leaving them in the boxes they come in, such as cereal, is placing them in airtight containers.
  • Placing sugar, cereal, flour, crackers, etc. into hard plastic or glass containers with tight fitting lids ensures no one gets in except you and your family!
  • Clean spills and food off counters, between appliances, under countertop appliances, etc.
  • Clean dirty dishes right away. Having dishes in the sink is an open invitation to a insect buffet.
  • Ensure trash cans are not open. Place a tight lid on them and empty it often.
  • On exterior trash bins, place them as far away from doors as possible.
  • Never leave pet food out for extended periods or overnight.


Roaches can live quite a while without food, up to 4 weeks in some cases, but without water they die in just a few days.

  • Remove standing water from sinks. Because roaches can swim, a sink full of water might become the site of a roach pool party.
  • Wipe water off counters. Even tiny areas of water can attract roaches.
  • Fix leaky faucets, dishwasher or washing machines.
  • Empty excess water in flower pots or plant dishes.

Entry Points

It is not possible to completely seal out insects. They can wiggle through the tiniest of spaces. Even scorpions only need a credit card thick gap to find a way in, and rats and mice can enter through 1/4 inch hole!

But, by reducing those opportunities and closing obvious openings you can reduce their likelihood of finding their way in.

  • Add or repair weatherstripping around doors. If you can see any kind of light coming through when looking outside, that’s far too much space. Add a door sweep at the bottom to improve it even further.
  • Check for gaps and holes around windows as well. Fix holes in screens.
  • Be careful when bringing in boxes, bags or used appliances. Roaches, particularly German roaches, are commonly accidentally brought into the house on old appliances. Keep it outside and inspect it thoroughly or have it treated before moving it indoors.
  • Remove clutter and debris around the home and in garages. Stacks of paper or cardboard boxes, whether assembled or not, are popular hiding places for pests.
  • Remove stacks of debris just outside the home such as sticks or rocks. Do not store firewood loosely right next to the house as this can be a haven for scorpions.

Use these pest prevention tips to remove the likelihood of pests harboring near or intruding into your home. And remember even without prevention, you shouldn’t need quarterly, bi-monthly and certainly not monthly pest control!

If you do have a pest issue with roaches, spiders, ants, scorpions, mice or rats, give us a call at 512-443-0123 or fill out our website form for a fast, free pest control quote.