How To Treat Pests in Apartments and Duplexes
Apartments and duplexes can create pest treatment challenges.
Apartments, duplexes and other multifamily residences offer unique challenges in getting thorough pest control.

The obvious first issue is that treating just one of the properties facing a pest problem won’t necessarily fully handle it.

For example, German roaches are a tougher type of roach to exterminate because they can move between units or throughout a duplex easily.

So an apartment resident or one tenant in a duplex can find German roaches, call a pest service and get one unit treated but roaches remain in other locations — so they can return to that already treated area.

Likewise, rodent treatment particularly in duplexes or quadplexes is not as likely to be effective unless each unit is at least inspected. A rat or mouse could be inside one area but a hole or access point is in a different section of that joined structure.

How To Treat Multifamily Residences for Insect and Pest Issues

Here are some steps to take as either a resident or landlord when handling insect and rodent invasions of a large multifamily building:

  1. If you have or receive notice of a pest issue, reach out to neighbors near the problem site to see if they are experiencing similar insect issues.
  2. Let them know that even if they are not currently seeing issues, a more thorough treatment of surrounding properties could help handle the issue as well as help ensure it doesn’t spread to them.
  3. See if splitting the cost of pest control among you is an option. Even landlords or property management companies may be willing to treat a full duplex or quadplex because it can save money in the long run for paying for return visits. Getting a duplex or quad treated all at the same time can lower the overall extermination cost.
  4. You can contact us for a free pest control quote by phone at 512-443-0123 or by our website’s pest quote form and we’ll give you a free quote for your duplex, quadplex or apartment treatments. As always, we do not require contracts and nearly all of our customers use us just once a year, sometimes even less frequently.

Living in multifamily dwellings offers advantages but can also bring challenges. Pest control is one of those but it can be made easier with communication among the residents, owners and pest control company. The result is a safer, healthier and happier place to live.