year round pest controlWhen new customers call for a pest control quote, they often ask us how much it is to “set up ongoing treatment.” To their surprise we tell them we don’t require contracts or even recommend bi-monthly or quarterly treatments.

That they ask this it just goes to show how many other pest control companies market treatment as being “necessary” all year long. But is it really the case?

Most insects, and even rodents, have periods of greater or lesser activity. Roaches and ants for example are much more commonly seen and active in the warm spring and summer months. Rodents more so in late fall and winter.

So why do other pest companies want you to sign up for insect control all year long?

One reason is that way they can keep their trucks and technicians on the road and working 12 months a year. With quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly contracts, that schedule is baked in.

In contrast, we want to provide you a clear and up-front price for a long-lasting pest-free experience so that you don’t call us back, at least not for a long time.

Our technicians are highly experienced – with an average time working here of over 15 years. That means they have a considerable amount of knowledge of Texas and Austin-area insects and pests which can be invaluable when you want a pest free home.

Instead of hitting your home and lawn repeatedly with chemicals month after month, our most common services are typically performed just once a year. Our general pest control service, for example, thoroughly treats the inside and outside perimeter of your home. Our technicians hit every nook and cranny possible using low toxicity and people- and pet-friendly products. The result is long-lasting and environmentally safe pest control.

Not only that, but we even warranty our general pest service for three months. So if by chance a pest doesn’t get by and is alive and well even up to 12 weeks after we treated, we’ll head back at no charge.

The result? You have a bug-free home and you aren’t paying every single month for treatment when you don’t have any problems.

The “subscription” model of pest control doesn’t benefit you long-term nor the ecosystem. It puts out chemicals over and over into the environment that could have negative effects on you, your family, pets and even other wildlife and living things that benefit all of us.

Instead of signing up for all year service with no end in sight, just pay for what you need: a one-time effective pest control solution.

For more information and a free quote, call us at (512) 443-0123 or fill out our online form.