Our general pest service is the most common service we offer. It can exterminate or repel most insects that attempt to enter the home. We treat cracks and crevices in and out with boric acid powder and Eco Dust (made from plant oils). Unless a completely natural or organic service is requested, we apply a relatively small amount of odorless low toxicity synthetic pyrethrin spray on the house perimeter and around the window frames, door frames and any other openings (a/c lines, plumbing, etc). Depending on the situation, we may recommend treating baseboards inside. This product does not off-gas, so you won’t breathe in any of it.

This pest control treatment specifically exterminates small spiders, pillbugs, large roaches and millipedes. These pests usually come in from the outside and seldom infest the interior of the home. It will also repel a variety of other random insects that invade the home.

Most pest control products are insecticides and are not selective in what insects or arachnids are affected. We try to be as precise as possible in our application as to reduce impact on beneficial insects, arachnids and reptiles (such as lizards and geckos) in your yard that are natural predators for pests,. Our service is enhanced by the presence of the beneficials, and we do not want to exterminate them. Some spiders will be exterminated and will be discouraged from entering your home, but because spiders have long legs, they are not entirely susceptible to pest control products. Although most people do not want them in their homes, they are beneficial to have in the yard.