rodents2Rodents can be a huge pest control problem in Texas. Unless a person lives out in the country, the rodent is usually a rat. If ignored, the population can grow to be quite extensive and do a substantial amount of damage. Although we do have the ability and experience to trap rodents effectively, we usually do not advise it because many visits are required, increasing the cost accordingly.

Our preferred technique to exterminate rodents is to use Contrac Blox rodent bait. It is irresistible to rodents and usually handles the rodents present within two weeks. We apply the bait in the attic or crawl space in most situations. If bait is needed in areas where other animals have access, it is placed in tamper proof bait stations.

After the baiting process is complete, we seal any openings larger than 1/4″ to prevent reinfestation. Sealing quickly is vital, as the baiting often has to be repeated if too much time elapses between the baiting and the sealing. There are some structures that simply cannot be sealed; when that occurs, regular baiting is recommended.

We use Contrac Blox because secondary poisoning is extremely rare with this pest control product. If a non-target animal consumes the bait, the protocol is an application of Vitamin K which is available at all emergency vet clinics. Although it is rare, there is always this possibility when using poison. There is organic rat bait available but we do not use it because there is no antidote in the event of a non target animal ingesting it. When tamper-proof bait stations are used responsibly, the chances of secondary poisoning are reduced even further.

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