Contrac Blox rodent baitWe use Contrac Blox because it always works, unlike trapping, and is very inexpensive as compared to trapping. Trapping requires multiple visits and may not achieve 100% eradication, especially when large numbers of rodents are present. Contrac Blox has a low chance of secondary poisoning. Rodents do not have to eat much of the bait and then it is passed quickly through their system. The small amount of active ingredient in the liver of the rodent would require target animals to eat the entire carcass and many of them (more than 15) to get to toxic levels. Pets tend to be well fed and are unlikely to eat enough whole dead rodents to cause a problem, assuming they have access to that many, and usually don’t consume dead animals at all. In the unlikely event that a pet is adversely affected the antidote to the rodent bait is Vitamin K, which all emergency vets have on hand. There is an organic rodent bait, Terad D, but we do not use it because there is no antidote.

Using baits to handle rodents is very effective and affordable. Although it doesn’t happen very often, occasionally rodents can die in the house walls or voids. The smell can be pretty bad in certain parts of the house depending on the size of the rodent and the outside temperature. However, it will dissipate and if you also utilized our services or advice on where to seal up and stop rodent entry, your rodent issue will be finished.

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