Austin snow and water damage and rats
Austin, circa Feb 2021
We’ve all unfortunately experienced “Icepocalypse 2021” but what about its sequel … Ratpocalypse? Eeek, hopefully not!

However, with the amount of water damage, attic damage, holes and other terrible consequences coming out of the snow and ice events recently, Austin residents should be alert to rodent issues.

Namely, new holes or entries which—if not patched up quickly—can result in mice, rats or other rodents finding their way inside.

Typically as the weather warms, rats and mice spend more time outdoors provided they can find food and water. Warmer temperatures though don’t mean an end to indoor rat issues.

If you hear rustling, see ripped up insulation, smell unusual odors like droppings or rodent waste or have late night scratching sounds around your walls give us a call. Of course first do any major repairs after you recover from this winter blast.

At that point we can provide a low-cost inspection and treatment bid to handle any unwelcome pests in your home.

The last thing anyone wants is to have the icepocalypse cause even MORE issues than it already has.

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