mouseDid you know it can sometimes be difficult to tell mice and cockroaches apart … when looking at just their droppings?

You can file this article under “things you didn’t expect to read today.”

But it’s true. Many customers call in when they see droppings around their house and think they are mice droppings. But the American roach (the big suckers that come in from outside) can leave similar size droppings, although the exact shape and, uh, texture is different.

Mainly, mice droppings have tapered ends while a roach’s does not. Also, roach droppings have “ridges” along them. This is, so we’re told, because they have a hexagon shaped, ahem, exit. But we promise we haven’t gotten that close to verify it!

However, if you’re interested in trying to determine exactly what kind of pests you have, go ahead and take a good close-up look at the poop around the place and you can be that much more certain of what is crawling around. Everyone needs a hobby.

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