1. Termite Swarming Season

    As winter fades, termites begin to disperse and start new colonies. What you may see around your house in early spring are termite "swarmers." These are about 3/8" long termites with clear wings. They go out looking for new colony sites near wood that is in contact with the soil. These swarming termites can be mistaken for ant swarmers, but they have a few notable differences in appearance. The mi…Read More

  2. Do Cats Keep Mice Out of Your House?

    Does having an indoor housecat keep your home rodent free? Not likely, but it may help. The game of cat and mouse has a few details involved. Many cats enjoy chasing things — that could be a laser pointer light, a feather toy or even a live creature. That can include a mouse, rat or your fingers when you sit on the couch. But if the cat is well fed and taken care of, it won't really find a need …Read More

  3. Bug Bombs are Bad News

    If you have an infestation of pests, such as German roaches or fleas, you may be tempted to set up bug bombs and just leave your home for a day. Unfortunately these area-wide aerosols may seem thorough but they really aren't. In fact, they likely won't be effective even on the pests they do reach and will cause you harm as well! A study on aerosol foggers for German cockroaches found that the fogg…Read More

  4. Boxelder Bugs

    Boxelder bugs are a nuisance pest which can come indoors when seeking warmth. They are black with orange markings and are about 1/2 inch long as adults. Boxelder bugs are not a significant threat but their fecal matter can leave stains and if crushed they create an objectionable odor. Once indoors they are best handled by physical means such as a vacuum or broom and dust pan. They don't very long …Read More

  5. Treating Small Ants

    Most ants lay low during the winter, but small ants can sometimes be persistent if temperatures remain warmer than usual. A good cold snap or two typically means they'll disappear and not intrude in your home until at least spring, but if you are seeing ants, here are some steps you can take: Rule out that the small ants aren't coming in from houseplants. One customer in particular called us menti…Read More

  6. Rodents Around the Home

    Rodents like rats and mice can be seen around Austin in many neighborhoods. They are a "part of nature" and with as much undeveloped areas in and around Austin they can bescurrying around neighborhoods and sometimes be found under decks or near sheds. From there the rodents may make their way into the home, but other times they just exist and don't pose any major threat. But if you are concerned w…Read More

  7. Environmentally Friendly Termite Treatment

    If you have termites there is not a need for a drastic or highly toxic and dangerous treatment to you, your family or even the surrounding environment. For active termite issues we use a very low-toxicity product called Altriset. There is no purely organic pest control method legally registered for professional termite control, but this is an extremely safe product. For Altriset, the Environmental…Read More

  8. Stop Fungus Gnats Before They Start

    Fungus gnats are well-known annoyances to homeowners, especially for those with houseplants. Fungus gnats are small flies that breed in potting soil or other sources of organic matter. Their larvae primarily feed on fungi and organic matter in that soil. Sometimes they can chew a bit on roots but rarely do damage to the plant. However, once those larvae turn into adult gnats, they can be extremely…Read More

  9. Worms in Your Garage?

    We've had a few calls from customers about "worms" in their garage. In some cases these truly are worms, such as millipedes. But in a couple of situations it turns out they were seeing maggots! Ick. As gross as these are it's not typically a major issue of concern. Flies are naturally attracted to decaying organic matter. Some types of flies are attracted to food scraps and waste, while others sur…Read More

  10. End of Bug Season?

    Have you moved to Austin recently or know someone who has? The odds are likely that one of those two is the case! With the number of people moving to Austin, it can help to know when "bug season" is here. Unlike northern areas, Austin can have warmer temperatures nearly all year. However, that doesn't make this a tropical environment where creepy crawlies are seen each month. Some years are certai…Read More