1. Peak Termite Season in Austin

    April is typically the busiest termite treatment season around the Austin area. Termites swarm in the warming weather and evidence of their activity becomes much more noticeable. Signs of Termites These can include: Mud tubes are used by many termites to reach a food source and as protection as they travel. These can be seen on the inside or outside of walls as well as possibly in cracks in the st…Read More

  2. Environmentally Friendly Termite Treatment

    If you have termites there is not a need for a drastic or highly toxic and dangerous treatment to you, your family or even the surrounding environment. For active termite issues we use a very low-toxicity product called Altriset. There is no purely organic pest control method legally registered for professional termite control, but this is an extremely safe product. For Altriset, the Environmental…Read More