1. Remove debris

Small rodents and insects make their homes in dark moist places. Keep those leaves and debris raked.

  1. Keep your kitchen clean

Pests are attracted to food and anything left out in the kitchen is an open invitation to them. Keep surfaces clean, do not leave dishes dirty or leave crumbs or          other food lying around.

  1. Do seasonal checks

A lot of pests seek shelter when it gets cold. Check for cracks and small holes where pests could get in, and deal with these. Small holes in the roof or in the              foundations must be repaired to keep insects and small rodents away.

  1. Keep trees and bushes trimmed

Raccoons and squirrels use tree branches to get to the roof of your house and find a way in, so it is best to keep these branches away from the edges of your              roof. Mulch makes great homes for pests, so try to keep it from building up against the house & holding too must moisture. Keep wood or rock piles away                from the perimeter of the house.

  1. Keep garbage containers closed

The animals which share your yard also get hungry and garbage is a great easy source of food. It is common for squirrels, raccoons and sometimes even for              birds to rip open garbage bags and really make a mess. The mess caused by one animal is also an invite for more to join in the party.

  1. Windows and doors must be properly sealed

Seal cracks and openings. Insects can creep through the smallest cracks so take a look at the walls, windows, and doors.

  1. Cover or pick up uneaten pet food

Pet food is also attractive to pests, your pet will not be impressed with a bowl full of ants

  1. Keep garden hoses tightly turned off

This will help to prevent a ready source of water being available for pests.

  1. Change your lights

Replace standard outside lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen light bulbs. Pink or orange lights are less attractive to flying insects.

  1. Keep the drains clear

Drains in the sink and outside can collect residue of all sorts of horrible stuff which is an ideal place for cockroaches, flies and such like to breed.