Dead American Roach AustinAmerica is big and bold and our namesake cockroaches are too. Okay, maybe they’re not the biggest in the world (no thanks, South America, you and your 3.5 inch long “Megaloblatta” roaches can stay there … FOREVER), but for most people any cockroach they see in their home is “big enough” to motivate them into action.

That’s where we come in. Our general pest control service is our most popular pest treatment and targets all cockroaches except German roaches, along with spiders, millipedes and pill bugs. If you have additional minor pest issues, such as small ants just in the kitchen or a few unwanted visible wasp nests around your eaves, we can often treat those at a no charge/no warranty basis.

We provide free returns on the main roach/spider/etc. treatment for up to three months (after allowing four weeks for best results from the treatment). One thing to keep in mind is because our technicians are so experienced—our newest technician has worked here for over four years, and our longest tenured for nearly 30 years!—and because they are so thorough in their work, our treatments are typically effective for a lot longer than three months. In fact, most of our repeat customers call us just once a year, and many times less often!

The “secret” is simple—we are experienced and thorough. Our unique inside and out treatment hits every possible crack and every possible crevice where insects typically hide or scurry. We do NOT require contracts. We treat the pests you have, not the ones you “might” get. A “spray and pray” philosophy results in applying products to your home and environment whether you need them or not. In addition, the more toxic products other companies may use will be all over your home and yard every few months. So it may kill what’s there, but that will be whether the insect is beneficial or not. That many chemicals could have quite a negative impact, which is enough to give pause to even the most diehard roach hater.

Instead of endlessly spraying without solid evidence of a bug issue, we treat for roaches and pests when you need us and when we see activity when we are inspecting your home. We use products that are marked safer for you, your family and your pets. We look carefully for areas of concern and use those products in a deliberate and conscientious manner.

So if big nasty roaches are not your idea of a pleasant summertime visitor, give us a call at (512) 443-0123 or fill out our website pest quote form for a free roach treatment quote.