Sugar ants kitchenThere are dozens of ant varieties around Austin and Central Texas. Usually ants and humans co-exist relatively peacefully, but when these tiny crawlers show up indoors, all bets are off. Ants can quickly go from a few “here and there” to “where are these &*@#’s coming from and why are there so many of them??!”

As anyone who has left out a greasy morsel or a sugary crumb can tell you, ants can seemingly show up overnight. As a small number of foragers hunt for food, they leave behind a trail for them to follow back to the nest. They arrive back with food and other ants know to follow that trail as well. The successful trail gets reinforced over and over, and now you see hundreds and thousands of ants.

If it has reached that point, there are a few things you can try to take back your kitchen:

  1. Throw them off the scent. If you have a trail of small ants in your kitchen, a good cleaning can knock them back. Pick up any loose food, close up any sweet sources like honey bottles and place them into an airtight bag or container. Wipe down surfaces with a simple soap and water mixture. Spraying and cleaning the surface both kills the ants there and it wipes out their pheromone trail, so other ants you don’t see are unable to find the trail to the food particles.
  2. Check outside around your home. Fire ants, small black ants and household ants will have a trail coming in from usually a nearby outside location. Walk around your foundation and look especially for a line of ants going into a weep hole or a crack in the foundation. Follow that trail from your house out to find where a nest may be. You can spray that nest with home store variety garden insecticide of your choice. You can also apply insecticide dusts into the weep hole or crack, and apply a perimeter spray near the foundation and turf for more control and a barrier.
  3. Bait. For any ants remaining indoors you can leave a sweet bait behind such as Terro.

Within a few days you’ll likely see significant improvements in a household ant issue.

If not, let us know and we can provide you a fast free quote on how we would handle the ant issue for you. All of our ant treatments provide a thorough effective solution and come with at least one free return in a three month span. No contracts required! Call us at 512-443-0123 or send in a pest quote form.