Winged ant AustinWhen temperatures warm up during spring and summer around Austin, the chances of seeing winged “swarmer” ants becomes more likely.

Swarmers are ants that leave an established colony to breed. When they swarm can vary, but according to the “Insects in the City” blog they get a sense of when to leave a colony and swarm based on multiple factors — including weather and wind conditions, day length and even what their neighboring colonies are doing.

The result is in March, April and beyond you may see swarming ants on your property.

If there are winged ants in your house then you likely have a nest nearby. But if you haven’t seen regular “worker” ants — those without wings scavenging for food or water — then you can typically vacuum up the swarming ants.

On the other hand, carpenter ant or acrobat ant swarmers inside your home could mean a potential issue since they will either make a colony or already have made a colony in the walls. They don’t eat your home like a termite but they can cause some damage and be a nuisance.

Fire ant swarmers deserve attention especially if seen inside, since if they’re left untreated they can be followed by worker ants from a nearby colony.

Finally, termites and swarming ants are often mistaken. This image shows the difference. You can also contact us or send us photos for help.

If you see ant swarmers this spring and aren’t certain what course of action is needed, give us a call at 512-443-0123 and we’d be happy to help you out and provide ant control if needed. You can also use our quote form for a fast free quote.