Mud daubers are often seen buzzing around homes, but are not particularly dangerous. They are about ¾ to 1 inch long. Some are black, while others have yellow markings or can even be a shiny blue-black color. The most obvious difference between other wasps and mud daubers is that mud daubers have a long, narrow waist that connects the thorax to the abdomen.

Mud daubers are solitary, not social, insects. This contributes to them not being aggressive. They rarely sting unless handled or heavily provoked. They are beneficial in that they can help control spiders, including black widow spiders.

They are often found around garages and under patios or front porches where they use that protected area to build their mud nests.

If you don’t want the nests there, you can scrape off abandoned nests and clean the area so they are less likely to return.

Keep in mind that if you have mud daubers, you likely have plenty of other insects around as their food source, particularly spiders. So a general pest control service in and around your home could help reduce their numbers too.

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