Asian Lady Beetles are a relatively new pest in the United States, and though they can be easily mistaken for ladybugs, they are not the same and have distinct and unwanted characteristics that are worth knowing.

Ladybug vs. Asian Lady Beetle

Ladybugs are harmless and beneficial insects often found around gardens. In fact they are helpful in that they consume other garden pests like aphids. They don’t congregate in large numbers and in cold weather will stay outdoors.

Asian Lady Beetles also hunt garden pests, but that might be their only admirable quality. They can move indoors and will collect around warm areas, such as windows. They can irritate the skin if handled. Once they’re inside, they can leave behind stains and odors, particularly if crushed.

Asian Lady Beetle
Asian Lady Beetle

How to Tell Them Apart

  • Ladybugs and Asian Lady Beetles look nearly alike at first glance. However, there are some differences.
  • Asian Lady Beetles are slightly larger than ladybugs.
  • Ladybugs are bright red with black spots.
  • Asian Lady Beetles can vary from red to orange.
  • Ladybugs have a round, oval shape.
  • Asian Lady Beetles tend to be a little longer.
  • Asian Lady Beetles have an “M” shaped black mark (see photo) on their mostly white heads. This marking can vary in size and thickness but it is always present.
  • Ladybugs’ heads are mostly black with small white markings. Ladybugs’ white markings are on the sides of the head and can resemble “cheeks.”

Another obvious distinction is if you see this type of bug collecting in or around your home in fall or winter, they’re likely Asian Lady Beetles. You may see them on your home’s siding or around door and window frames.‌

How To Remove Asian Lady Beetles

As prevention, you can look for cracks and gaps around windows and doors and seal or close those as a first step. Take a look especially around warm areas or where sunlight enters during colder months. If Asian Lady Beetles come in it will likely be in those warm inside areas where they’ll gather to escape the cold.

If they do get in, the do it yourself way to get rid of Asian Lady Beetles involves vacuuming. You don’t want to sweep or wipe or crush them as they will leave behind stains. You can empty the vacuum canister or bag outside.

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