Roof Rat Aztec Organic Pest Service Sealing ExclusionAs temperatures cool down most pests become less active and troublesome. Ants, roaches and even spiders are more dormant and not seen as much during late fall and winter months.

Rats and mice are actually less active in the winter as well, but the colder temperatures can drive them inside for warmth or snooping around your home for food sources.

As a result, we see a lot more calls for rats and mice during winter than in the summer.

What can you do about rodent concerns?

First, take proactive measures to seal up your home better. Rats and mice can squeeze through openings as small as 1/4 of an inch! So if you have big gaps around your doors or windows then seal those up!

Also look around water heaters and AC closets in the garage. These are common trouble spots with larger gaps and holes and a perfect way for a whiskered intruder to make his way into your attic!

If you are hearing scurrying noises above you, or are seeing other tell-tale rodent signs like chewed up paper, gnaw marks, greasy looking spots, urine smell or droppings then give us a call for a rodent inspection and treatment.

We do a house inspection, exterminate the rodents and in most cases we’re able to seal up the home so that no further uninvited guests get in.

Call us at (512) 443-0123 or send in a pest control quote form for more information.