Lawn flea treatments Austin
To flea or not to flea…
Fleas are one of the most frustrating and upsetting pests for Austin area residents to experience. This is perhaps because they are small and difficult to see, but also of course because they bite and cause actual physical irritation.

As with anything, knowledge is power, so we like to educate our customers on fleas before any treatment takes place. You can read a detailed overview about fleas and flea issues here. We have had dozens of years of experience, so reading that article will help you understand what you’re up against. For example, there is a stage of the flea life cycle where it’s nearly invulnerable to pest control products.

Despite these unique characteristics, there is an outdoor flea treatment that is very ecological, effective and therefore very popular with our customers: beneficial nematodes in the yard.

What are beneficial nematodes?

Nematodes are a type of worm called a thread worm. Specifically beneficial nematodes are part of the “entomopathogenic nematode” group. That’s a mouthful, but it explains why this tiny microscopic worm is such a great treatment for fleas. Entomopathogenic is Greek in origin. Entomon means insect, and pathogenic means causing disease.

So we have now a tiny worm that causes diseases strictly in insects, including fleas, and which doesn’t harm people or pets…amazing!

How to use beneficial nematodes for fleas

We apply beneficial nematodes to yards where they burrow into the soil and search for food, aka fleas. Nematodes are applied onto already wet soil where they get to work. One important note is that the yard must be made wet before the application, and then kept wet for a couple of days afterward so that the nematodes can travel more easily, and further, into the soil to search and destroy those fleas.

With that application you can be assured that fleas in the yard stand little chance. Austin is home to a variety of critters, both domestic and otherwise, that wander through yards leaving flea eggs behind, so this is a great outdoor flea control method for Austin homeowners.

Best of all, the treatment is perfectly safe for you, your family and pets and it will help considerably in removing those annoying, biting fleas from your yard.

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