fire antsFire ants are a summer-long problem around Austin and Central Texas, but there is hope on the horizon!

During the hottest part of the summer, fire ants get desperate. Just like other pests they need food and water when it gets hot, and even more so as the seasons start to change and late summer shifts to fall and winter.

That urgent search for food can be to a homeowner’s advantage!

By baiting your yard for existing fire ants in late summer and early fall, you can get the ants while they’re aggressively out foraging. They’ll take bait back to the colony and your yard has a great chance of being fire ant free in the cooler fall months — when you can actually get out into the yard and enjoy it more!

As an added bonus, they won’t have as much time to re-infest your yard as the weather cools. During winter months fire ants are less active and stay deeper under the soil to stay warm. So removing their presence in your yard now means they won’t have time venture back before they hunker down for the winter.

So if you’re seeing some ant mounds or some fire ants crawling around your back patio, get the fire ant bait going and it can keep your yard fire ant free for months and months.

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