In the fall boxelder bugs may try to overwinter on or in homes. Pest control is generally not necessary, or as effective, as sealing/exclusion. Here are some helpful steps to help with these and a variety of other crawling pests.
• Inspect the areas where pipes or wires enter your home. Caulk or expandable foam can be used to seal these spots.
• Stuff weep holes with aluminum window screen to block entry by pests. This still allows your home to breathe/sweat as needed.
• If you can see daylight around the doors when closed, replace or repair the weather stripping.
• Install a door sweep on exterior doors and a rubber seal along the bottom of garage doors.
• Repair or replace screens or soffit vents in the roof and eaves area of the structure as needed.
• Seal cracks and crevices with caulk or expanding foam.
• Make sure that window screens fit tightly and replace or repair any damaged screens.