Mosquito on skinMosquitoes seem to be particularly bad this year but there are products you can put in your yard that really work!

BTI is an excellent, safe example. BTI is an abbreviation for Bacillus Thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis. It’s a natural bacterium found in the soil and has toxins that only target mosquito larvae (as well as blackfly and fungus gnat).

BTI has no toxicity to people and is even approved for use for pest control in organic farming operations. It is also safe for other beneficial insects including bees. Mosquitoes do not become resistant to it.

It is only effective on mosquito larvae, so it is best used at the beginning of mosquito season and after a rain when the larvae appear. The BTI granules or “dunks” can be dropped into areas of standing water like birdbaths, buckets, low lying or poor drainage areas, outdoor plant saucers, etc.

This in combination with other treatments such as our all-natural mosquito spray can help achieve mosquito relief! We provide a safe, pet and people friendly spray around vegetation, shrubs, bushes and decks.

BTI granules are available at Home Depot and Walmart under the “Mosquito Dunks” or “Mosquito Bits” brand, among others. For big jobs or just to have plenty on hand, there’s also Aquabac 200 which comes in large bags here.

Call us for fast knockdown of active mosquitoes around your lawn and decks! Our products are safe and people and pet-friendly. And unlike the “spray and pray” type applications, we target our treatments with care in areas where mosquitoes are most often found — not blasting product all over the yard and neighborhood. That technique can kill honeybees and pollinators! Especially since some of the products other companies use can contain “permethrin” — this is a synthetic chemical that kills virtually any insect it touches! It is highly toxic to bees. If it is sprayed on flowering plants it can cause harm to those insects.

Get safe, environmentally-friendly mosquito control using BTI and our natural treatments, ethically used and applied!

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