scorpionScorpions in certain areas of Austin are a concern for people. In particular scorpions show up in houses in the rockier hill country areas southwest and west of Austin in higher numbers than central, north or east Austin.

One reason is the terrain — scorpions like to hide in rocky, craggy areas — but also because there is development in those areas and construction noises and activity can cause them to move and find new shelter. That can be your home sometimes!

So what to do? Can you put up “DO NOT ENTER” signs for scorpions? Not exactly, but you can put up roadblocks.

First the bad news though, which is that scorpions can wiggle through openings as thin as a credit card. Most houses, even new ones, have multiple gaps that large. But the good news is you can take steps to reduce that abundance of openings and deter them from crawling inside.

Stuff Your Weeps

What’s a weep hole? It’s a small opening near the bottom of a foundation, typically found in rock or brick walls. It’s there to allow moisture and airflow into and out of the home. It’s important to let the house “breathe” because otherwise a perfectly air tight home can have unwanted issues.

Scorpions and other pests can actually gain access to your house through the weep holes. So one preventive measure is to “stuff your weeps” using a metallic screen. The screen should be rust-proof, so no steel wool pads that can rust and leave unsightly red stains down the foundation. Aluminum screen material works well or there are fancier products designed specifically for weeps.

When treating for scorpions our technicians check all weep holes around your home and treat and stuff them to reduce future access points. It’s a cost-effective “one-time” service which lasts, as long as no one pulls out the material. The material is porous to allow air and water flow through it but mesh-like so larger pests can’t get through.

Seal Doors and Windows

Good weather sealing will help prevent scorpion access. If you can see any light shining into a room from behind an exterior door or window, then that gap is probably plenty large enough for scorpions. Replace or add weather stripping there. Adding a door sweep at the bottom of a front or back door is an even more thorough means to block entry to unwanted pests.

Remove Clutter Near Your House

Not all scorpion prevention requires adding things to your home. Taking away items can be an effective measure. Scorpions (and many pests) love undisturbed clutter. In particular, rock piles, wood, tall grass and even potted plants on the ground can be safe havens for scorpions. They can crawl in and hide there until they search for food.

Cleaning up any piles of debris, rocks, logs and firewood — which should always be kept away from the home on an elevated area and not right up against it or on the ground — will all help keep scorpions from getting closer to your house.

Do General Pest Control

Treating for roaches, small spiders and insects in general will reduce the scorpion’s source of food. They hunt insects – so that’s one positive in their favor – but regardless of that benefit if you don’t want scorpions around, remove other insects. That takes away their food and they will either die themselves or move away looking for more bountiful areas.

Scorpion Be Gone

That won’t make them all magically disappear but scorpions are one of the tougher pests out there. They’re fascinating really, but most people don’t want them up close and personal to learn more about them. Following a few simple steps can go a long way to reducing scorpion activity and remember that, like a good habit, consistent action can show considerable positive results down the road.

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