open window bugs
It only takes one small gap to let in bugs…
Is it possible to “pest proof” a house?

Exhibit A: New homes with everything still sealed up well are likely to get fewer bugs than an older pier-and-beam house that may have gaps and openings all over.

Exhibit B: Most bugs can crawl through millimeter-sized openings. For example an American roach can squeeze through just 3mm — about the size of two stacked pennies. Scorpions reportedly can get in through gaps as small as a credit card thickness!

So, should you seal your home? If you have large gaps or bad weather stripping, you should definitely shore those up. But keep in mind that pests are bound to find their way inside anyway!

Plus, as temperatures in Austin climb during the summer, bugs move in to get shelter, food and water.

So regardless of sealing up a house, applying a thorough pest control treatment both inside and out is your best bet to ensure that you don’t get pests. Our dedicated technicians have seen nearly every type of home in Austin and know exactly where to apply our pet and people-friendly products. Our technicians have worked with Aztec for years, including several over 15 years and one for over 25 years! We are experienced and dedicated to handling pests, with no need for costly ongoing contracts or unnecessary work.

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