acrobat ant austin
The acrobat ant has a heart shaped end. It also raises up when threatened and looks like an “acrobat.”
Carpenter ants and acrobat ants are types of “wood ant” that often climb up along the outside of a home into the eaves area to make little nests in the walls. They burrow in and sometimes you can even see the debris that they excavate and drop. It looks like sawdust or light shavings.

The good news is they don’t eat wood like termites, but they can become a nuisance and do some damage to wood structures over time. You can often see them crawling onto the house very late in the afternoon or early evening, even just after dark. But just as often they are out of sight as they can get onto a home from utility lines or tall branches that are touching your home.

In fact, cutting back branches that are connected to your structure is a good first prevention step.

The best time to treat them is when they are active in the late spring and early summer as they make their way onto the house. If they have been there for years they can be more challenging because they are not moving as much and could be more entrenched in the wall.

We spray along the outside surface of the home with a non-repellant spray so that they bring it back to the nest. Ants are social creatures so it can actually pass from bug to bug. We also may bait depending on the area and activity pattern. We also search for the nearby main nest or source of the ants to eradicate it.

All combined, we can help remove these pesky ants from your home with minimal impact on the environment, using pet and people-friendly products.

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