Seeing cockroaches in your Austin house can be a dramatic experience for many people!

But there are some facts to know about them that can make cockroach season more bearable.

Roaches are Bad. This One Is Really Bad!

German roach AustinThe German roach is the type that can breed quickly and lives inside, so the “where there’s one, there’s thousands” ad campaign from years ago applies here. The good news is that you would have to ignore a German roach problem for a LONG time for it to get that bad.

So first identify the roach and if it’s German, definitely call for help. A can of Raid or a boric acid tablet under the sink isn’t going to get rid of those. Finding their hiding spots and putting out more subtle products that don’t make them run away and hide is the name of the game.

German roaches are smaller than most roaches, not getting more than about 3/4″ or one inch long at most. The adults have two telltale marks just behind their head that trail backwards. They’re typically a lighter tan color than the darker outside American roach.

American Cockroach

American roach AustinMost roaches are outdoor roaches, meaning they come inside only to scavenge around and look for food or water. Or to escape extreme hot or cold.

Those include the large American roach (also called a tree roach or palmetto bug in some areas) and virtually any other roach.

German roaches will end up inside after hitchhiking on boxes, crates, bags or old appliances. Or they can move between walls in multi-unit residences like apartments or duplexes. But they don’t live outside and don’t wander inside like other roaches.

Roach Prevention

Roaches are mainly scavengers. They will eat virtually anything so removing food sources — as you might do with ants — is more challenging. However, you can start there and clean up counters, pantry shelves, cabinets and even kitchen drawers to help reduce a food supply.

Another key factor is water. Leaks around pipes or standing water outside can attract all types of pests including roaches.

German roach prevention is trickier, since they can be inadvertently brought inside by hitching a ride on a crate, box, packaging or – often – used appliances.

So before buying anything used or online, be sure to inspect and clean it thoroughly before bringing it inside. Once inside the German roach can find hiding spots and multiply quickly.

Roach Treatment

A long term roach treatment for anything other than German roaches involves a thorough inside and out treatment. We apply products in gaps and openings where pipes enter the home, under cabinets around sinks and other hiding spots. We also treat thoroughly around the perimeter of the house. The result is a long-lasting treatment.

One customer called us up today and mentioned how he hadn’t needed a roach treatment in over 3 years. He called us for help with ants but let us know he doesn’t even see roaches anymore! Obviously, every case is different, but most often our customers only call us once per year for a large roach treatment.

For German roaches, we thoroughly apply products around where they crawl and hide – which is most often in the kitchen.

Either way, if you are seeing roaches in your home this year, give us a call at 512-443-0123 or fill out our pest control quote form for a free quote.