Tawny crazy ants AustinThe crazy ant is originally from South America, but it has made itself at home here in the United States, particularly in Texas and Southeast U.S. The ants are known for taking over areas and are so aggressive that they can displace all manner of local insects and animals. Even the tenacious and painful fire ant can be pushed out.

Great, you may say … except that they don’t stop there.

Crazy ants move into electrical equipment and can cause overheating and equipment failures. And while they don’t bite or sting like fire ants, they can create massive ecological problems and disruptions to everyday life.

Homeowners have called reporting crazy ants all over their driveways, sidewalks, tree trunks, invading their home and even their cars!

While scientists are searching for solutions and having some success, we can provide relief with a crazy ant treatment.

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