Does having an indoor housecat keep your home rodent free? Not likely, but it may help. The game of cat and mouse has a few details involved.

Many cats enjoy chasing things — that could be a laser pointer light, a feather toy or even a live creature. That can include a mouse, rat or your fingers when you sit on the couch.

But if the cat is well fed and taken care of, it won’t really find a need to kill the mouse for food. So the chase becomes more like playing with a toy.

More helpful is that just the scent of a cat in an area can make it less appealing to rodents. So you could see fewer rats or mice due to that factor.

If you want to improve your furry rodent deterrent system, be sure the cat has access to the entire house. After all a rodent can gain access to your home through holes as small as 3/4″ so they may show up in any number of areas.

Just keep in mind even in that case there are too many areas (like an attic) where rodents can enter and hide. And given that most housecats don’t need to hunt, they are just as likely to catch a mouse and let it go — or not bother with it at all — as dedicatedly hunt down the rodent.

In which case give us a call for a true mouse and rat treatment. While we aren’t as cute as your housecat, we are more likely to keep your house rodent free!

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