Mice on roof
Hearing something on the roof?
Usually the first sign people recognize of potential rodent issues in their home is “creatures” stirring, typically above their heads in an attic or wall space.

Many times this is a rat or mouse, but it could also be a squirrel that’s found it’s way into your attic.

Or, it may not even be in the attic. It could be running across the roof and making a ruckus.

Whatever the case, our experienced rodent technicians can provide an inspection and look for the tell-tale signs of rodent activity which would need a rodent treatment plan. Things such as droppings, urine odor or stains, chewed insulation or other materials, etc.

We provide sure-fire rodent removal techniques and for most properties can even seal up the home after the rodents are removed to ensure no others make their way inside.

If you suspect rats, mice or other rodent issues around your home give us a call at 512-443-0123 or fill out our quick quote form.